• Pauline Cooperators continue centenary outreach in Kiau Nuluh

    KOTA KINABALU - As part of their outreach programme for the centenary celebration, the Pauline Cooperators went to St. Ireneus Chapel Kiau Nuluh Kota Belud on 21-22 April 2018.

    Seventeen missioners including Pauline Sister Jennifer Han took part in the outreach.

    Around 600 people - young and old - were present.  Activities included vocation sharing, media awareness session, book mission, and games.  Prayer books and holy pictures (stampitas) were distributed free to the children.

    As a token of remembrance, the chapel was gifted with a set of Sunday and Daily missals in Bahasa Malaysia as well as a framed poster of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

    Kampung Kiau Nuluh is located about 10 kilometres from Kinabalu Park towards the south of the mountain.

    The earthquake that struck Sabah in June 2015 had been a devastating and nightmarish experience for the people of this village.  But they managed to move on with the help of many non-governmental organizations notably the Good Shepherd Services (GSS), Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC), Raleigh Borneo, and PACOS (Partnership of Community Organizations Sabah), an organization that strives to empower indigenous communities.

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