Media Literacy Education in Internet

A study of the language of Internet, historical development of multi-media, area of coverage worldwide, penetration in Asia and Philippines, beneficial use and adverse effects will commence on October 7 – November 4, 2017. Distance  education is offered but students are required to attend class on the first and the fifth [...]


World Communications Day 2015. Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love
World Communications Day 2015
Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love
The theme World Communications Day 2015 follows in continuity with the previous year’s message. At the same time, the topic fits into the context [...]

Social Media and Youth

“What is a youth life like with balance use of cellphone, internet…facebook, twitter, etc…, with family and friends interpersonal relationship is warm and alive, addiction to it is putting oneself to isolation.” This phrase is just one of the well thought of response of the youth from the half day seminar conducted by Olivares [...]

Befriending the Internet

(This article is a short summary of the message of Pope John Paul II for the 36th World Day of Communications, released from the Vatican on January 24, 2002, Feast of St. Francis de Sales, Patron of Journalist.)
The theme of the 36th World Communications Day celebrated on May 12, Feast of Our Lord’s Ascension was: [...]

The Paradox of Internet

Exposure to the Internet can be both a help and a threat. Media literacy can properly guide its users.
One of God’s greatest gift to humanity in the 21st century is the Internet. It is overwhelming how at the click of the mouse before a computer screen one can access the world, visit places, talk to [...]

Internet & Youth

Young people need the guidance of parents and educators in the proper use of the Internet.
Accessibility of Internet
Internet, an interconnection of millions of computers all over the world, is a great attraction among youth today.
It is becoming more accessible at home since many parents try to acquire computer unit to comply with their children’s requirement [...]

Our Responsibility: Towards Information Technology

The Information Technology has penetrated all areas of life. Let us use it for promoting what is true, good and beautiful.
The fastest development happening in the world today is in the field of communication. Communication technology, as we have observed, is penetrating all the areas of society and human life, and no one knows to [...]

How far has Internet charmed our society?

What is the Internet?
A simple definition says it is “a network of computer networks.” With the Internet one can communicate with other Internet users all around the globe. It is so simple and all that is needed is a computer and a modem.
It has been reported that at the end of the year 2000, the [...]