The Need for an “Info-Ethics” in Communications Media

The message of Pope Benedict XVI for the 42nd World Day of Communications which will take place on May 4, 2008 carries the theme: “The Media: At the Crossroads Between Self-Promotion and Service. Searching for the Truth In Order to Share It with Others.”
In his message, the Pope recognizes the many good that communications [...]

Media Products Target the Whole Person

Being the most powerful element influencing the human person, the use of media must be guided by Christian principles.
Media’s Target: Mind, Will and Heart
Unlike any other product in the world economy, which aims to provide goods and services for the physical body and all other material needs, the target of media is the spiritual faculties [...]

The Effects of Obscenity in Media

Can society be protected from the crafty encroachment of pornographic media?
Desensitization towards pornography is one of the greatest dangers in the information society today. What is desensitization? It is losing the ability to distinguish what is morally right from what is wrong. A delicate conscience becomes crass, and Gospel values are seen as taboo.
Invasion through [...]