Social Media and Youth

“What is a youth life like with balance use of cellphone, internet…facebook, twitter, etc…, with family and friends interpersonal relationship is warm and alive, addiction to it is putting oneself to isolation.” This phrase is just one of the well thought of response of the youth from the half day seminar conducted by Olivares [...]

PICA Mobile Media Education sets foot for in FSP’S 75th Philippine Foundation in 2013

As the Daughters of St. Paul marks its 75th Foundation in the Philippines in 2013, a line-up of activities were drawn to highlight the three-year celebration which include a series of media animation and seminars in the provinces to move on from parish to parish. Topics proposed deal on Media Literacy sessions with students and parents [...]

Media Awareness for the Pupils of Baclaran Elementary School – Central

More than 2,000 pupils of Baclaran Elementary School attended the media awareness sessions on January 26-27. The pupils and teachers were interested not only on the books presented to them, but more than that – they were very grateful that the Daughters of St. Paul were there to remind the pupils of the power and [...]