A study of the language of film and its application in reading movies as media text from director’s and viewer’s perspective; functional knowledge of film production, an overview of movie industry; all as background for analysis and evaluation of different film genre based on moral and Gospel values will commence on April 28 – May 5 , June 2 – 16 2018. This is one of the seventeen modules offered by PICA in its Gradute Program on Media Literacy Education. PICA, Foundation Inc., (Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia Foundation Inc.) For more information regarding the course, schedule and fees, please E-MAIL or contact:

Sr. Ma. Consolata Manding, FSP, PhD
PICA Directress
Tel: (632) 831-1771 local 201
Telefax: (632) 8316019  Email: /
Mobile: sun +639332051399/globe +639958247284

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