Media Literacy Education in Internet

A study of the language of Internet, historical development of multi-media, area of coverage worldwide, penetration in Asia and Philippines, beneficial use and adverse effects will commence on October 7 – November 4, 2017. Distance  education is offered but students are required to attend class on the first and the fifth Saturday. This is one of the sixteen modules offered by PICA in its MA Program on Media Literacy Education. PICA, Foundation Inc., (Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia Foundation Inc.) For more information regarding the course, schedule and fees, please E-MAIL or contact:

Sr. Ma. Consolata Manding, FSP, PhD
PICA Directress
Tel: (632) 831-1771 local 201 Telefax: (632) 831-6019
Email: /
Mobile: sun +639332051399/globe +639958247284

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