Special Projects

PICA has Special Projects like:

  1. Basic Education & Media Literacy (”Balik-Aralan Para sa Kinabukasan” Project for the Out-of-School-Youth (OSY)
  2. World Communications Day/Week Celebration

Basic Education & Media Literacy

Project Description

This is a short-term, time-bound program which integrates Media Literacy Education with the basic subjects like English, Mathematics, Values Education and Catechism. It is a 30-week program for young people ages 13-25 who have dropped out from regular school.

Program Objectives

  1. To develop the basic literacies of the OSY, thus, enable them to read, write and understand simple messages in English.
  2. To help the OSY learn how to use reading, writing and numeric skills in carrying out those activities necessary for normal functioning in a society.
  3. To help them become aware of the importance and relevance of basic education in daily life.
  4. To help deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Christian values that help shape their choices in life.
  5. To enable them to distinguish between media values and gospel values.
  6. To deepen their awarenes of how the media can powerfully influence the way they think, feel and behave.

Subjects Offered

  • Basic English Grammar
  • Spoken English for Everyday Use: Vocabulary Enrichment, Reading & Listening Comprehension
  • English Conversation Practice
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Values Education
  • Analyzing & Evaluating the Media

World Communications Day/Week Celebration

This is a yearly celebration of WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY as set by the Catholic Church on Ascension Sunday. The activities done by the PICA usually adapt the given theme for the year.