Don Bosco (Mission to Love)

Publisher: Paulines Audiovisual
Format: DVD
Weight: 200.00 g.
Size: 7.5 X 5.25
Available In: Worldwide


Price: P 500.00


P 500.00


3 hours 18 minutes


Giovanni (John) Bosco is only a toddler when his father dies, leaving a void too big to be filled. Brimming with intelligence and energy. Giovanni as a child is a natural leader. He loves to study, but he is hindered by Antonio, his half brother, who forces him to work in the fields. Then comes a providential encounter with Don Colosso - a priest who takes him to study and tells him he should always pursue his dreams. And his greatest dream is to help other boys like himself. After Don Colosso's death, Giovanni decides to enter the seminary. When he becomes a priest, his mission begins in Turin where he opens an Oratory, a house for young inmates, child laborers, orphans and vagabonds. In no time at all the number of boys attending the Oratory increases. But some people consider the place a nuisance and they become increasingly suspicious of Don Bosco's remarkable success. His mission is challenged by constant threats and obstacles, yet God's grace helps him to face and overcome all these. Don Bosco's life is indeed a mission to love others.


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