Institution of the Eucharist w/ prayer

Author: Daughters of St. Paul
Publisher: Paulines Philippines
Format: stampita - pack of 5
Weight: 3.00 g.
Size: 2.75 X 4.5
Available In: Worldwide


Price: P 15.00


P 15.00


Pack of five front-laminated Eucharist holy card.It features a picture of the Insitution of the Eucharist on the front. Text on the back reads: Jesus, Divine Master, I thank and bless your most lovable Heart for the great gift of the Holy Eucharist. Your love makes you dwell in the holy tabernacle, renew your passion in the Mass, and give yourself as food for our souls in Holy Communion. May I know you, hidden God! May I draw salutary waters from the font of your Heart. Grant me the grace to visit you every day in this sacrament, to understand and actively participate in Holy Mass, to receive Holy Communion often, with faith and love.Body and Blood of Christ, nourish us.


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