Grace and peace to you!

            My name is Umaporn Pattamataworn, Prepostulant of the Daughters of St. Paul but you may call me Namtan for short. I believe that God is calling me to be his followers and I am glad to follow Him too.

            I came from Maecchem, Chiangmei, and North part of Thailand. I am the youngest among eight children. I was born of a Christian Family but my parents did not teach me how to pray. Most of all learned it from the sisters, Church leaders, teachers and my own sisters but everyday my parents would always remind me to go to church to pray, to attend mass, to study and to practice songs.

            When I was studying high school in my village, I read the life of St. Thecla Merlo. I was really touched and that made me to know the daughters of St. Paul. Then later I met a sister of the Daughters of St. Paul but I did not have the courage to talk to her. It was only after my third year high school when I transferred to the Buddhist school that I met her again and received a brochure. Yet it was not so easy. I’ve been far away from God for three years.


There was no mass,  confession and Catechism classes in my new school but only prayer together during Sunday. Unless our Catholic school leader will be permitted upon asking to have Eucharistic celebration. Etc. Yet, our school principal will not allow always especially during my last year in high school.

 After keeping the brochure for three years I tried to contact the sister from the Daughters of St. Paul. Not long after she visited me in my school but no one believed that I’m going to enter the convent.

            Yet, time came when I hesitated to continue my studies,  to work or to enter the convent. I know that to become a sister is not easy but  wanted to try. Asking permission from my mother has not been easy especially when I told her that I will be going to the Philippines for my formation. Yet, the difficulties did not end there. I arrived in the Philippines with trials as well. I had to adjust in many things especially for the food and the language. Afterwards, I got sick of dengue then pneumonia. I went to many doctors but no one could cure me. During that time I was alone in MTMH because my companions were in the missions and the other two in Marikina. Though I felt so lonely, tense and discourage I found that time for myself and with God especially in my vocation.

            One day my formator told me that I have to leave soon because my illness so what I did is to surrender everything to God and pray in my last x-ray, “Lord I am all yours, if it is your will that I’ll be here to serve you, please help but if it  it’s not, may your will be done.

            With the prayers and sacrifices of the sisters and my companions the good Lord answered our prayers. I am supposed to leave on July 1, 2012 but my result on June 28, 2018 says that I am healed. We were all surprised and I thank God crying, for I was touched by his love.

            Thank you too to St. Paul’s intercession. Now, I persevered from that situation and ever onward towards my prepostulancy.