Social Communications and Media Summit: Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna


E-generation to E-vangelizers. This is the theme of the first San Pablo Youth Commission Social Communications and Media Summit (SOCCOMMIT) held at the Canossa School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna on March 1, 2014. More than 300 young men and women listened attentively to the speakers, participated actively in the discussions and embraced the challenge of becoming today’s evangelizers.

One of the speakers for the MMS commitment session was Sr. Rose Agtarap, fsp on the topic: “The Print Media in Evangelization.” She traced out a brief history of the printing press and how it has transformed society. Included in the presentation is Alberione’s intuition to use the press for evangelization and how his sons and daughters, the members of the Pauline Family, continue this ministry to this day. She also elicited from the young people present new ways of using the print media for spreading the Good News to their peers. Copies of a little booklet of prayers and the life of Pope John Paul II were distributed to the participants’ delight and gratitude.

The day ended with a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Bishop Buenaventura of the Diocese of San Pablo. He encouraged the youth of Laguna to practice what they learned and keep mind the aims of the summit:

promote Social Communications to become the most frequented space of virtual evangelizers;
find ways to optimize the power of social communications to build stronger relationships, to encourage more meaningful engagement and to drive personal, spiritual and societal change; and
use the social media and communications to make it the ideal tool for transmitting the Faith and for instilling the Christian Values and Hope.

We pray that participating in these events, together with the presentation of our particular ministry in the field of communication will make the Pauline charism known and attract more young men and women to follow the Lord of the harvest as Pauline missionaries.