Daughters of Saint Paul

Pauline Family

“The Pauline Family aspires to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life, integrally, in the spirit of St. Paul, and under the watchful guidance of the Queen of Apostles.”
– Blessed James Alberione

The Pauline family is made up of five religious congregations, four aggregated Institutes, and an association of lay Cooperators, all committed to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus, the Divine Master, Way Truth and Life, and in serving the Church.

1. Society of St. Paul, founded 20 August 1914 was Fr. Alberione’s first great foundation. And from this all the other foundations followed.

2. Daughters of St. Paul, founded 15 June 1915 has the same specific purpose as the Society of St. Paul: “The glory of God and the salvation of souls by spreading the Catholic doctrine through the apostolate of social communications; printing, cinema, radio, television, and all the other rapid and effective means, that is, those inventions which human progress provides and which the needs of the time call for.”

3. Pious Disciples of the Divine Master, founded 10 February 1924 as a religious congregation providing support to persons and works, in particular, of the Pauline Family, through continuous prayer as characteristic of their semi-contemplative life. The congregation is particularly engaged in the liturgical apostolate.

4. Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd, founded 07 October 1938 are dedicated to parish work, sharing various pastoral activities with the parish priest.

5. The Queen of Apostles, founded 08 September 1959 is committed to working for vocations throughout the Church.

6. The Institute of Jesus the Priest, for diocesan priests, approved 08 April 1960. This institute is affiliated to the Society of St. Paul.

7. The Institute of St. Gabriel the Archangel, for laymen leading a consecrated life in the world. It was approved on 08 April 1960.

8. The Institute of Mary of the Annunciation, for lay women leading a consecrated life in the world. It was approved on 08 April 1960.

9. The Institute of the Holy Family, approved 08 April 1960. This institute is for married Christians who wish to consecrate their lives in the Pauline spirit, according to their state in life.

10. Pauline Cooperators, a lay association that started in 13 June 1917. Its members are people who understand the Pauline Family and who are united with it in spirit and intentions, and embrace, “in whichever way is possible for them, the main aims and contribute to it in the same degree…”