Daughters of Saint Paul

Special Projects

Bibliya sa Bawat Pamilya

“Bibliya sa Bawat Pamilya” (A Bible for every family) project was launched in 2012 to mark the 75th anniversary of foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul in the Philippines on October 13, 2013. The project aims to distribute 75,000 copies of Holy Bible to the poorest of the poor, to enthrone the Bible in the homes, and to teach the families pray the lectio divina, taking to heart what Pope Francis said, “For the family to be able to proceed well, with trust and with hope, it must be nurtured by the Word of God.”

As the congregation celebrates its centenary in 2015 to 2016, the Philippines province re-launched the Bible project as the congregation’s humble contribution to the spiritual and moral recovery of Filipinos in this juncture of our history as we let the enthusiasm and fervor of the early years of our foundation continue to burn in our hearts. This is also the Sister’s way thanking God for the countless blessings that He has given to the Congregation.


In this project, we do not only reach out to the families, but we also remember the soldiers, policemen, prisoners and children. A Bible Ministry Team was appointed composed of Sr. Evangelina Canag, Sr. Divina de Claro and Sr. Federica Dalaguit, with the help of all the sisters in the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

Sr. Evangelina Canag said that in rebuilding the nation, it is important to rebuild first the persons. “We all need to draw strength from the Word of God. The Word of God will give us strength to face our daily problems. We also believe that if we build the person, we will rise from the Word of God to strengthen our faith.

The Bible Ministry Team regularly conducts Bible animations to various groups, among them are the poorest of the poor in Pasay district and prospective leaders in other areas who can help the sisters carry out the Bible Ministry.

“Our Centenary offers us the opportunity to celebrate the memory of the marvels the Lord continues to work through our poverty and littleness,” says Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General. “In keeping with the invitation of the Founder, who always pointed us toward vast horizons, we are striving to bring everyone the Gospel of joy and peace through the various forms and languages of communications. Sisters from all continents, we speak the language the Spirit has placed on our lips and in our hearts through the charism he bestowed on us.