Pauline logo

Our logo was born of the idea of showing the world
as the universal place for the proclamation of the Gospel –
interpreting Jesus’ command: “Go out to the whole world”
and to show somehow the immense field for evangelization.
It is an expression of dynamism,
a sense of the missionary journey, and “Straining forward”:
all of which are specific values of the Pauline mission.
For this reason the world was sketched
in incomplete strokes and learning forward.
It is the whole reality which must be filled with the Gospel,
the “global village” in which the Daughters of Saint Paul
dedicate their lives to communicate Christ
through the means of social communications.
It is a territory and a human situation in continuous evolution.

The world is drawn in brisk strokes, with gaps in its irregular lines.
It is imperfect and still in search of something;
our contribution is needed if it is to become complete.
It reminds us of our responsibility for history:
“Do something for the men and women” of our century.

The evangelizing activity of the Daughters of Saint Paul
takes place in the world here and now.
Thus the letter expresses Paul and Pauline.
With the world, in the world, serving the world.
Following the letter, and seemingly drawing the
away from the world, is the word Pauline, which is our logo.
This logo symbolizes all our apostolic activites.