Daughters of Saint Paul


“The Bible does not only teach us how to live well as individuals; nor does it only teach us about domestic virtues, or only about what refers to religion. It also teaches us about all that can be grouped under the heading of social virtues.

The Bible teaches love among nations, love among the various social classes, the duties of owners toward employees and the duty of workers toward employers. It teaches justice and honesty in commerce and business, love for work, various forms of apostolate for the young, the elderly, the sick. It teaches the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

This is my wish for you: nourish yourselves on pure bread, the best bread (the Bible).” –Blessed James Alberione


Bible Ministry Team

Sr. Evangelina Canag (Coordinator)            

Sr. Divinia de Claro

Sr. Federica Dalaguit

Sr. Judith Gabutero (Auxiliary)



Seminar with Bible Diffusion

Basic Bible seminar

Lectio Divina/ Bible enrichment

Bible Launching

Biblical Story-telling/Animation of children (DSWD, OLSOFI – Our Lady of Sorrows)

Film viewing with catechesis

Bible Seminar