Renewal of Sisters of Sisters Janith and Mary Ann

Seeking to live a life that is founded on the Pact which harmonizes the four wheels: spirituality, study, apostolate, poverty, the Group V Renewalists attended conferences/workshops on Transformational Leadership given by Sr. Maria Josefa; Dynamics of Aging Behavior facilitated by Sr. Loraine; Social media and Alberionian Spirituality given by Sr. Carmel; Conscience in the Mind of Primo and the Church by Sr. Aida; and Art Therapy by Sr. Sweet.

 They also had grace-filled time with the sisters in Mother Thecla Merlo Home and the young sisters in initial formation where they shared vocation and mission stories.  Sr. Yolanda guided them in reviewing their Project of Life.

 The two Sisters organized a Parish Youth Encounter at Santo Rosario Parish, Padre Garcia, Batangas where forty-two youth actively participated.  They also organized a Bookdisplay at the National Shrine of St. Padre Pio and had pilgrimage to the Jubilee Churches.

 The renewalists also came out with a Facebook Page “Pauline Spirituality”.  The purpose of this is to continue to animate themselves with the richness of our Pauline Spirituality and also to share it to everyone. The content of the page is solely about Jesus Master, Mary Queen of Apostles, St. Paul the Apostle, Blessed James Alberione and Venerable Thecla Merlo.

 The renewal program culminated with an 8-day guided retreat at St. Paul Seminary in Silang, Cavite with Fr. Raymond Ferraris, SSP.

 With all the conferences, workshops and animations they received, the two Sisters now look back with gratitude as they reflect profoundly on their renewal days and surrender all that had transpired to the Lord.

 Sr. Janith and Sr. Mary Ann are grateful to the PMPT Province and to the British Delegation for giving them this opportune time to renew their commitment to their Pauline life and mission and for accompanying them with prayers. They are also grateful to their coordinator, Sr. Loraine who generously journeyed with them and facilitated well the program.