PMPT Superiors seminar held

“Called to read the signs of the times” was the theme of this year’s gathering of local superiors of the Daughters of St. Paul Philippines-Malaysia Papua New Guinea Thailand Province. Different activities that outlined theme were carried out successfully from September 11-12, and 14-15.

On the first day of the seminar, the different concerns of the houses were tackled: apostolic, finances, formation, lay mission partners and updates on the construction of Tuguegarao convent. During the open forum, questions were raised, entertained and clarified.

On the second day, a seminar on Spiritual Warfare was held. The speaker, Msgr. Jay Bandojo explained the reality of the devil and how he works in the lives of people. According to him all peoples, nations and races are subject to spiritual warfare. The devil does not exempt anyone even priests, religious and lay faithful. Hence, he encouraged everyone to become aware of their actions and other activities that may provide openings and opportunities for the devil to use to cling and attack its prey. Furthermore, he taught his audience how to protect themselves against the snares of the devil.

The third day of the seminar gave the superiors a clear picture on how evil works in the lives of persons through the film “diYOS-DIYOsan” (Fake God). Mr. Cesar Evangelista  Buendia, who directed and produced the film came to show and discuss the moral and social aspects of the movie. The film depicts how evil capitalizes on the pain and anger of a young man rejected by his own father; and how his deep-seated anger has transformed him into a rich, famous, corrupt and murderous politician. However, the film also challenges its audience to remain steadfast and hopeful amidst difficulties that one experiences in life. It also shows the power of prayer in changing and transforming people even those infested with hatred and unbelief.

The last day of the seminar was an enriching exposure in the Parish of Our Lady Lourdes in Caloocan City. There was a true encounter and meaningful sharing between the superiors and the drug dependents who surrendered and are now receiving formation and doing meaningful activities and livelihood projects through the help of the parish.

This year’s superiors’ seminar was indeed enlightening and enriching. Through well-planned activities, its theme was realized not only through talks inside the convent but also through concrete exposure outside which provided fresh and meaningful encounter with real people.