Sr. Daisy pronounces perpetual vows in Manado

Sr. Daisy Lorawati Pondaag, FSP made her Perpetual Profession at the Cathedral of Hati Tersuci Maria, in Manado on June 1. The Eucharist was officiated by Bishop Benedictus E. Rolly Untu, MSC with nine concelebrating priests.

Sr. Monina Baybay and Sr. Rosalie Lojiu went with Sr. Daisy Pondaag to Manado a few weeks earlier, to prepare for the auspicious event. They stayed with the JMJ Sisters of Manado. A few days before the religious profession day, Sr. Delia Abian, Provincial Superior, Sr. Melba Lobaton and Sr. Pinky Barientos, Provincial Councilors followed.

The JMJ Sisters contributed much to the preparation of the memorable event of Sr. Daisy’s religious profession. They took care of the choir, who sang meaningful songs in Bahasa accompanied by native musical instruments. The Sisters also prepared solemn Liturgical Dances performed by students during the Eucharistic celebration. 

The homily of Bishop Untu was an inspiration to all who participated in the Eucharistic celebration. It was significant as it resounded emphatically in everyone’s mind and heart when he said: the temporary stay of the Daughters of St. Paul in Manado produced the first fruit in the person of Sr Daisy Pondaag, whom God has raised up from the Minahasa people, to bring and to proclaim Christ Jesus, the Savior of all peoples. This sister is among the hierarchy of the priesthood, men and women religious and laity who is sent forth to feed the sheep and the lambs, to guide them lovingly into the heavenly sheepfold because God wants everyone to be saved and come to the truth. 

The bishop invited more young people to come and offer their lives as consecrated men and women to God at the service of the good news of Jesus.He continued by saying that each one of us must make a difference by living Christ’s light in our life, lighting up the darkness around us. By doing so, each one of us generates life and hope to one another in our present time.

We are grateful to the Bishop of Manado and to the JMJ Sisters who made us feel so welcome. Sr Yustin Tiwouw, the JMJ provincial was admirable in her charity and sisterly concern for us. Even at the reception hall, the JMJ Sisters took care of the program of entertainment for the crowd of 300 persons. The Daughters of St. Paul catered food for the reception. According to Manado customary practice, such occasion normally has twelve menu but we reduced them to ten, which made the people happy as well.

Sr. Daisy must have felt so good and elated when one of two JMJ Sisters, her former school principal, accompanied by the present principal of Sekolah  Menengah Atas (Senior High School)  sang a song to her titled “the blue veil”. Sr. Daisy wore a wide and cheerful smile! She is the first fruit of our experimentum presence in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.