FSP-Bangkok holds vocation, media animation in Chiang Mai

The FSP community in Bangkok has organized vocation and media animation in the northern part of Thailand from June 30 to July 2, 2019. 

Sisters Phim and Christine went to the village of Muang Ngam, Chiangmai, visited families and had encounter with young people in the Church where they also distributed prayer leaflets of Jesus Master. 

They also visited the Catholic Center in Pantakit Chomthong, Chiangmai. Here they gave short media amination to the children and later Sr. Phim gave a short vocation talk in their distinctive dialect to the young ladies who remained. The two sisters also visited the Baan Marina, a residential vocational school for young women run by the Missioneras del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y de Maria where young women learn needlework and tailoring. They had a short informal talk with the young ladies and distributed vocation brochures. 

The animation with young people was organized by the community in harmony with the journey of the Church following the Synod of Bishops on Young People last October 2018, with the journey of the Pauline Family in this year dedicated for vocations, and in response to the 11thProvincial Chapter proposal to reach out to young people.

The FSP community in Thailand recognizes the present situation of young people today as Pope Francis emphasizes it in Chapter III of his apostolic exhortation Christus Vivit. “Many young people are taken in by ideologies, used and exploited as cannon fodder or a strike force to destroy, terrify or ridicule others”. Referring to “desires, hurts, and longings,” Pope Francis speaks about sexuality and its “essential importance” for young peoples’ lives and for their “process of growth in identity.” The exhortation then turns to the theme of the “digital world” which has created “a new way to communicate”, and which can “facilitate the circulation of independent information.” In many countries, the web and social networks “already represent a firmly established forum for reaching and involving young people.”But they can also be a place of “loneliness, manipulation, exploitation and violence”. The Pope also speaks of the migrants as an epitome of our time” and recalls the many young people involved in migration and the abuses exist in various forms. 

With these realities we feel the need to listen to young people more and more. To interact with them and enter into their situations with openness and discerning heart where we may be able to share our Pauline mission and spirituality.