Mealk Tea Vlog – A Facebook Page for the Young

The Vocational Youth Ministry has recently launched a Video blog (Vlog) on Facebook that caters to young people called Mealk Tea. The title, a pun on milk tea – a refreshing drink that young people are crazy about – is an acronym of MExperiences And Life Kernels. The vlog is hosted by Postulant Raine Santos, who talks about her thoughts, interests, and faith while drinking milk tea as she goes on with her soliloquy. She also picks up the comments sent by viewers and expound on them. 

Just as milk tea boosts the immune system and gives nutrition, so the vlog’s episodes aim to accompany young people as they face their ups and  downs in life, and to assist them in recognizing Christ in their daily experiences. They are also encouraged to send in their suggestions and comments, and to like and share the episodes so as to reach wider audience.

The facebook vlog was produced in response to the objectives of the Vocational Youth Ministry in the PMPT Province Plan. Likewise, it also seeks to stir up in young people’s hearts the gift of their vocation.  

The vlog’s production also serves as a training ground for our sisters in the initial formation as it helps enhance their talent in producing videos from conceptualization up to post production.  

The administrator of the Mealk Tea Vlog Facebook Page is grateful to the Sisters in the PMPT Province who continue to like and share the vlog episodes to their young relatives and friends. – Sr. Gemma Ria F. dela Cruz, FSP