Association of Pauline Cooperators 3rd Annual Convention


With the theme “Together we Evangelize with the Bold and Prophetic Faith of St Paul,” the Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC), co-apostles of the Daughters of St Paul in the Philippines-Malaysia-Papua New Guinea-Thailand Province, held its third National Convention from May 17 to 21, 2013 at the Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila, Philippines. The participants numbered 114 APC members coming from thirteen cities in the Philippines, from Sabah and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and fifteen FSP formators.

Speaking on “The Church and the Laity,” Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani underscored that like the priests and nuns, the laity are called to strive after holiness and to share to all the Word of God.

Fr. Rollin Flores SSP who talked about “The APC in the mind of Blessed James Alberione” said that what developed into the Pauline Family started from the first inspiration of the Founder to have an organization of lay Catholic writers, technicians, book dealers and salesmen. Therefore, although the APC was officially started in Italy in 1917, it was conceived ahead even of the Society of St Paul (founded in 1914) and the Daughters of St Paul (founded in 1915).

Sr. Evangelina Canag focused on the “History of the APC.” She started to say that God works in history. She invited the participants to contemplate on one of the wonderful works of God: the APC! Formally organized in 1970, the APC of the FSP-PMPT province had for its first national coordinator Sr. Maria Pia Faller who is now 91 years old.

It is noted with great gratitude that the longest membership as APC is 39 years (Luz Ranillo of Davao) and 38 years (Lota Guevarra of Cagayan de Oro.)

Sr. Timothy Villaram’s topic was “The APC and the Pauline Family.” She said that the APC truly belongs to the Pauline Family. As such, the APC members have the same Pauline spirituality and must imitate the zeal of St. Paul the apostle, and collaborate with the Pauline religious congregations by sharing their time and talents, and not merely financial assistance.

Sr Bernardita Dianzon’s talk on “Collaborators in the Mind of St Paul” was an eye-opener to the APC members and also the FSP participants. Collaboration as having shared vision with shared mission, St Paul believed that his circle of collaborators was “agapetous” (beloved), meaning they were chosen by God. Likewise, the members of the APC of the Daughters of St Paul, although they had been invited and formed by the Sisters were not just chosen by them (the FSPs) but chosen by God.

The convention culminated in the group’s pilgrimage to Lipa City in Batangas where the Philippine foundation of the Daughters of St Paul was born.