Sisters send prayer cards, rosaries to front liners and Covid 19 patients

The Sisters of Regina Apostolorum Community have shown their support to medical front liners and Covid19 patients by sending them handmade cards with messages of hope and assurance of God’s love during this time of pandemic. 

Utilizing materials of colored papers and cardboards, the Sisters created beautiful handcrafted cards and penned their messages of hope, encouragement, gratitude and assurance of prayers on them. 

The cards were packed together with rosaries, rosary guides, stampitas, Frontliner’s Prayers and Prayer for Healing, and sent to the Lung Center of the Philippines in Quezon City, Quezon City Health District 3 including its COVID19 Isolation facility named HOPE 3, Quezon City Health Central Office, and Quezon City Health District 1 and District 6.

The medical doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel who received the tokens of gratitude for their dedication and loving service during this time of pandemic were very appreciative of the gesture. They said the inspirational messages written on the cards encouraged them to not lose hope but to keep going assuring them that there is God to hold on to. They also said the religious gifts they received led them to prayer. 

Among those who supported the community’s project of reaching out to front liners were some generous benefactors who extended help in spite of the crisis.