Daughters of Saint Paul

Celebrating God’s enduring fidelity

We give honor, love, appreciation, gratitude and good cheers to our dear Sisters who celebrated the anniversaries of their religious profession on March 19, 2021, Feast of St. Joseph at the Sanctuary of the Queen of Apostles, Pasay City. 

The Holy Mass at 4:00 in the afternoon was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Rollin Jean Marie Flores, Provincial Superior of the Society of St. Paul. 

One of the celebrants, Sr. Gloria Felix, made a unique entrance marching along the middle aisle accompanied by the song “I’ll Walk with God”, while the rest waited near the altar on their wheel chairs. Before the final blessing of the Mass, Sr. Gloria gave a thank you message on behalf of the group.

The celebrants of the day were:  

Sr. M. Assunta Labay       –    70 years of religious profession 

            Sr. M. Rosalia Arcilla       –    65 years of religious profession

            Sr. Proserfina Dela Cruz   –    65 years of religious profession  

            Sr. Gloria Felix                 –    65 years of religious profession  

            Sr. M. Joseph Estrada       –    65 years of religious profession (in Boston, U.S.A.)

            Sr. M. Fides Galipot         –    65 years of religious profession  

            Sr. M. Benigna Cadawas  –    60 years of religious profession

A simple merienda y cena at the FSP quadrangle, facing the MTMH house followed the Eucharistic celebration.

Looking back to the years that have passed so quickly, those days spent in religious life are a long period of mission and sacrifices, but also of graces and blessings from the faithful God; blessings for the celebrants themselves and their loved ones, relatives and friends, blessings for the Congregation and blessings for the Church.  The celebrants, together with their departed co-novices, who celebrated theirs’ in the heavenly homeland, have left their footprints in the sand of time, leaving us the lasting legacies of love, fidelity and perseverance. We thank God for His great mercy, His limitless love and fidelity. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, once again, dear Sisters!